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Reserve Books - The Textbooks Your Students Need Now

Many students need to use textbooks from the library reserve collection the first day of each new semester. This is a perfect time for you to help make that happen.

1.    Check the library catalog to see if your textbook is already on reserve: Go to LOIS, click Reserves, then type in your course name and number (e.g. Math 100, FCS 312). Or type in the title of your textbook in the Keyword space. Note: If you don't see your name listed as an instructor for the class, look under the names of your colleagues as well.

2.    Donate a copy of your textbook if you have one to spare. Bring it to the circulation desk on the second floor of the library and fill out the form to tell us the course name and number, instructor names, and loan period (2 hour, 1 day, 3 day, or 1 week). Your donated textbooks help stretch library book funds!

3.    Email Yolanda Escobar to request that the library purchase a copy of your textbook from the bookstore and put it on reserve. Request early - library book funds are limited (and the bookstore may run out of copies, too).

Textbook Reserves Tip:  
You can help your students locate their textbooks on reserve by including the call number on your syllabus.  You can find the call number in LOIS, the library catalog.  If you need any assistance, a librarian will be happy to help you.

Thank you very much!

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