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eReserves - Your Course Material Online 24/7

We live in an exciting age for information – and a daunting one!  Information is available in so many formats and from so many different resources, it’s difficult to keep track of them for ourselves, much less make them readily and easily available for our students.  The library is introducing a new service this semester that is designed to make this task easier.  With electronic reserves, you can maintain a list of all of these course materials in a single place:  

1. Books (and other print-only materials) kept on reserve in the library;  
2. Links to articles found in the library databases;
3. A link to a predefined search in InfoTrac or ProQuest, the results of which are constantly updated as new articles are acquired by the database;  
4. Links to web pages;  
5. Scanned copies of your lecture notes, practice tests, sample student papers, etc.
6. Scanned copies of articles or book chapters (these require copyright permission after the 1st semester).

Your students can then access the electronic reserve materials (items 2-6) from any computer with Internet access at any time and any place.  Currently enrolled students use their Access Card and a library PIN to log in to eReserves and library databases.

You'll find more information about eReserves and related library services on the SCC library web page.  If you’re interested in looking at an example of the various options available in e-reserves, I have created a reserve list for an imaginary class – The History of Books and Libraries.  You can access this list through LOIS, the library catalog.  Simply type Test 101 for the class, or Roundtree for the Professor (NOTE: For ease of use, not all items are passworded).

For further information, or to request that items be placed on electronic reserve, please contact Lorilie Roundtree (558-2678).

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