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Access Cards - The Universal Card is Here

The new Student Access Card brings together on one piece of plastic an official college photo ID, Rapid Transit pass, library card, GoPrint card, and a discount card good at participating stores.  Students can get their access cards in the Learning Resource Center or in RN 138 by presenting a picture ID and either a printout of their eservices account that shows a zero balance or a copy of their BOG fee waiver and proof of enrollment.  Cards are also available at the Davis, Downtown, and West Sac Centers.

Student Access Card

In order to use the access card as a library card, students need to bring the card to either the first or second floor circulation desk and have it activated.  Once activated, the access card allows students to use all the old familiar library services - borrowing books, accessing databases and renewing books from off campus - as well as the brand new eReserves system.  eReserves allows students to pull up your scanned lecture notes and practice tests, as well as links to your selected periodical articles in the SCC library databases.  

The access card is also a print card.  Students can use the access card to print from computers in campus labs and the library by adding money to their cards at the machines in the Learning Resource Center.  

Take a class and you can realize the benefits of the access card for yourself! 

Additional information about the access card is available on the Los Rios website

Faculty and staff will receive their access cards later this semester. The RT Pass is available to currently enrolled students only, but library privileges are available to all! Until the new faculty and staff access cards are available, you can continue to use the blue library card. If you don't have a library card yet, come to the library for a temporary one.

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