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Library Orientations - Drop-Ins and Custom Classes

Should you schedule a customized library orientation for your entire class or send your students to a drop-in workshop?   This burning question shouldn’t keep you awake at night.

If you have a specific research assignment or term paper that your entire class is working on, then bring them over to the library as a group during your class time to attend a customized orientation geared to your course requirements.   

Fact:  Over 3800 students attended 
SCC library instruction sessions in 2004!

If you have no time left on your syllabus, yet you would still like your students to be library literate, send them to the library to sign up for one (or all three) drop-in library workshops.  Many instructors offer this option for extra credit; others have made it a required assignment.  In drop-ins, the librarians teach the students how to locate books in LOIS, the online catalog, how to find magazine, journal and newspaper articles in library databases such as ProQuest and Infotrac, how to use specialized Internet Subject Directories, and how to assess the quality of what they retrieve on the Internet. 

Look on the SCC library homepage under Faculty Services.  Here you’ll find links to the faculty orientation request form as well as the current drop-in workshop schedule.

Faculty can get Flex Credit for attending drop-in workshops.

If you need to speak to a person, phone Stephanie McDonald at 558-2014.

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