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Information Competency @ SCC

Do your students turn in papers that are poorly researched and reasoned?  Do they find most of their sources on the Web?  Do your students turn in papers containing content copied from another source?  Are their citations difficult to read and their sources almost impossible to track down?  Do your students know where to turn for help?  Do you?

Awareness of information competency is growing in community colleges, and librarians are increasingly active in helping students learn how to research and write responsibly.  The SCC Information Competency Task Force continues to explore implementation of an information competency graduation requirement, in pursuit of a State Academic Senate mandate.  The task force has a new web page to keep you informed of developments at SCC.  The task force meets monthly to share information, and you are invited to attend the meetings.  For the meeting schedule and minutes, see the task force web page.

Information Competency is the ability to:
  • Recognize the need for information
  • Know where to obtain information
  • Choose the proper source and retrieve appropriate information
  • Organize, analyze, and synthesize information
  • Use and communicate information

A successful information competency program depends on collaboration between classroom faculty, librarians and administrators. You can empower your students with information competency skills by planning to teach your class in conjunction with LIBR 318. Contact Sue Chen (650-2760).

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