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New Books & Media - Selected Titles

Books in Brief  
Located on the second and third floors of the LRC.  Please ask at the reference desk on the second floor if you heed help finding these titles.  Look up all SCC library books and media in LOIS, the library catalog.

Cumings, Bruce.  North Korea: Another Country.
DS932 .C86 2003 
Cumings applies his insight and perspective to modern North Korea, tracing its troubles to the Korean War and challenging current historical interpretations.


Mintz, Steven.  Huck’s Raft: A History of American Childhood.
HQ792.U5 M57 2004    
For much of American history children have been “adults in training” or farm and factory laborers.  Mintz continues this evolution and examines the current status of child welfare.


Book jacket for Huck's Raft
Pollock, Maic.  Colormute: race talk dilemmas in an American school. 
LC191.6.C2 P65 2004
Pollock summarizes research about how we talk about people in racial terms, and shows how suppressing race words can actually exacerbate racial inequalities.


Stafford, William.  Every War Has Two Losers: William Stafford On Peace and War.
PS3537.T143 A6 2003 
This volume collects Stafford’s poetry, journal excerpts, and interviews on non-violence and alternatives to violence.
Jin, Ha.  War Trash.
PS3560.I6 W37 2004 
Sparse prose underscores the chilling story of a Chinese soldier caught in a POW camp during the Korean War.  Jin’s research provides a strong historical background.


Knight, Randall D.  Five Easy Lessons.
QC30 .K55 2004 
Find out how to engage students in actively learning and applying physics.


Book jacket for Through the Lens


Through the lens: National Geographic greatest photographs.
TR790 .T47 2003 
Stunning color photos and minimal captions convey the essence of National Geographic photo art.  Images cover the sea, sky, cities, and everything in between.


Levine, Karen.  A Survival Guide for Cosmetologists: Tips from the Trenches.
TT957 .L45 2003 
Cosmetology students will find a wealth of advice from professionals in the field.  Practitioners will reconnect with the enthusiasm that led them into the field.

Comprehensive new book lists are posted to the library web page every semester.  Contact the librarian for your department or division to suggest new titles for the book collection.

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Media Shorts  
Located in the Instructional Media Center on the first floor of the LRC.  Please ask for these and other media titles at the Media Services Desk.

Book jacket for Super Size Me   Super Size Me: A Film of Epic Portions.
(Academy Award Nominee, Documentary Feature)
TX 945.5 .M33 .S87 2004
An irreverent look at obesity in America and one of its sources - fast food. Filmmaker Morgan Spurlock interviews health experts nationwide and subjects himself to a “McDonald’s Only” diet for 30 days.


What I Want My Words to Do to You: Voices from Inside a Women’s Maximum Security Prison.
PN 1997.2 .W43 2003
Through a series of exercises and intimate discussions, led by playwright Eve Ensler, 15 female inmates delve into and expose their most terrifying realities as they grapple with the nature of their crimes.


Life of Mammals.
QL 703 .L53 2003
David Attenborough leads viewers on an extraordinary and beautiful exploration of an incredibly diverse group of creatures (from the smallest, the two-inch pygmy shrew to the largest, blue whale; from the slowest, the sloth to the swiftest, the cheetah).
Book jacket for The Life of Mammals
Spin the Bottle: Sex, Lies & Alcohol.
HV 5135 .S66 2004
Spin the Bottle offers an indispensable critique of the role that contemporary popular culture plays in glamorizing excessive drinking and high-risk behaviors.


Book jacket for Thirst Thirst.
HD 1691 .T45 2004
Global corporations are rapidly buying up local water supplies. Thirst reveals how water is the catalyst for explosive community resistance to globalization.

Contact Nicole Woolley (558-2509) to suggest additional media titles for the LRC collection.

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