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Tutoring: Real-Time, Online, and Coming to Los Rios Soon

In December, 2004, Greg Beyrer of CRC and Kakwasi Somadhi of SCC were awarded a grant to design a model for synchronous online tutoring.  The grant was awarded through the California Community Colleges Chancellorís CCCConfer Project.  The mission of CCCConfer is to provide state-of-the-art Web conferencing technology and services to support faculty and staff e-learning activities.

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The specific program under which Beyrer and Somadhi carry out their grant activities is called MEET - Modeling Effective Educational Technology.  They are developing a way for tutors to use CCCConfer Web conferencing to conduct one-on-one, real-time tutoring using the computer and the telephone.  Real-time online tutoring is a way to provide much needed support for distance education students who may have limited availability to participate in traditional tutoring.  Their research involves math tutoring, and if the model is successful, other disciplines will be added when the pilot becomes an actual program.  Susan Caldiero, online math instructor at CRC, graciously serves as the content area expert for this project.  

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Beyrer and Somadhi will test their model during the fall 2005 semester and be ready to unveil it to the colleges in the district during spring flex.  Watch for it!

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