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Library Orientations - Drop-Ins and Custom Classes

Is your syllabus full but you'd still like your students to get an introduction to library research - on their own time?   Send them to a Drop-in Library Orientation.

The librarians teach four types of drop-ins:
A:  LOIS.  Take a tour, locate library books using the computer, learn about interlibrary loan.
B:  Online databases.  Locate electronic magazine, journal, and newspaper articles.
C:  Internet.  Evaluate web sites, use search tools and subject directories, cite online sources.
D:  ESL-
oriented session.
Classes are hands-on and take place in LR220, the library classroom.

After students complete the 50-minute class and a quiz, they receive a “Proof of Attendance” slip for your records.  Orientations build your students' research skills and help them produce higher quality assignments.  Offer your students extra credit and they will come.  Faculty and staff are also welcome and Flex credit is available!  Sign up at the reference desk on the second floor.  

Customized library orientations are also available if you prefer to bring your class to the library during your class hour.  Use the Faculty Orientation Request to choose your time, date, and topic and we will get back to you with a confirmation.  

If you have questions about drop-ins or custom orientations, please contact Stephanie McDonald (558-2014,

Students can also take credit classes in the library and learn a variety of research skills.  This semester's offerings include "Genealogy Research" and "Library Research and Information Literacy."  Details are found in the SCC schedule of classes.

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