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eReserves - Your Course Material Online 24/7

Library eReserves made its debut at SCC in spring semester, 2005.  Just in case you missed it:

eReserves is the electronic version of the library's traditional print reserve collection. (Print reserves allows students to borrow textbooks for a limited time).

eReserves allows current students to access some of your course material through LOIS, the online library catalog, any time or place, using their Access Card number and a library PIN.  Perfect candidates for eReserves include your course outlines, lecture notes, sample exams, sample student papers, and any other personal material that can be scanned into our system.  (Chemistry faculty posted these materials on eReserves and scored 1847 hits!  Psychology took second place with 350.) 

You can also use eReserves to provide your students with links to articles you've found in library databases such as InfoTrac or ProQuest.  Or you can link students to a search strategy you've set up in a database, such as "patient education and diabetes," in InfoTrac.  Every time a student accesses your search strategy the database runs the search anew and produces a list of newly added articles on the topic.  eReserves can link students directly to web sites you've selected, too.

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eReserves can even link your students to scanned copies of articles or chapters from a book, provided you obtain copyright permission (official permission to use the copy from the authorized owner) after the first semester on reserve. 

Find more information about eReserves on the SCC library home page.  To see an example of eReserves, go to LOIS, click on Reserves, and type Test 101 for the class, or Roundtree for the Professor.  This is the reserve list for an imaginary class "The History of Books and Libraries."  (For ease of use, not all items are passworded). For further information, or to request that items be placed on electronic reserve, contact Lorilie Roundtree (; 558-2678).

To put conventional books and handouts on reserve, bring them to the library circulation desk or email Yolanda Escobar (

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