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Distance Education:  Getting It - Without Getting Out
Is Distance Education Right for You?

Learning Styles and Distance Education Modes[1]

People learn through different methods. Some people like to hear information, some need to see it. Others need to write everything down to fully understand what is going on. None of these styles of learning are right or wrong, they are just one of the things that make each person unique.  Kathy Camarena, SCC Distance Education Coordinator, asks...

How do YOU learn?


Step 1 – Take a Learning Styles Assessment

Use this site: When prompted, type in the username: cuesta and the password: online

Step 2 – Match your learning style to our modes for Distance Education Classes

  • Independent: This learning style works well with all distance education modes.

  • Avoidant: a hybrid or interactive television course might work well for you

  • Collaborative: televised and hybrid classes would allow you to work with fellow students and instructors and still have some of the features offered by DE.

  • Dependent: Hybrid and interactive television courses could be a good option.

  • Competitive: Hybrid and interactive television courses could be a good option—although you will find a lot of competition in online classes, too.

  • Participant: You are a good candidate for any style of DE class. Participation and enthusiasm is an intrinsic part of distance education. You will find the discussion boards particularly motivating.

Distance Education Modes:

  • Interactive Television – Live broadcast from a television studio/classroom. Attend face-to-face class or view from home or a remote location.

  • Hybrid – A portion of the class is face to face, a portion is online

  • Online – Classes through the Internet, using Blackboard for assignments, discussions, and assessments.

  • Telecourse – A series of tapes to be viewed via cable, in the LRC, or at home. 

Check the course description in the class schedule for these modes.

For more information about distance education, see the SCC print or online class schedules or contact Kathy Camarena, the SCC Distance Education Coordinator (650-2726,

[1] From Grasha-Riechmann Student Learning Styles Explained;  Last updated Nov 18, 2004.

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