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Information Competency - Discerning Learning

Information Competency is the ability to:

  • Recognize the need for information
  • Know where to obtain information
  • Choose the proper source and retrieve appropriate information
  • Organize, analyze, and synthesize information
  • Use and communicate information

Many college students demonstrate a need for mastery in these areas, and community college librarians, classroom faculty, and administrators are collaborating to develop programs that will meet this need.  A dozen faculty and administrators at SCC have formed an Information Competency Task Force to implement an information competency graduation requirement.  In Spring 2005, the Task Force passed the following resolution: 

“The Information Competency Task Force is directed to explore the establishment and implementation of an Information Competency graduation requirement by the Fall of 2009.  A variety of different options, i.e. stand alone courses, content infused into existing courses, and/or a challenge test, should be provided for students to meet that requirement.  Pilots for those options should start in Spring 2006.”

On April 25 2005 a Campus Forum shared information about how to reach this goal with students and faculty, who also had the opportunity to voice their ideas and concerns.  One more Information Competency Campus Forum is planned for this semester.  Watch your email for announcements.  We’d love to see you there!

The SCC Information Task Force also seeks your participation in identifying implementation models for the information competency graduation requirement.  If you have ideas, please contact Sue Chen (650-2760,  Or fill out the Request for Participation form on the SCC Task Force’s website. 

This fall a cohort of first year SCC students is enrolled in a learning community that links English 100, HCD 310, and Library 318, the information competency course.  You can empower your students with information competency skills, too, by planning to teach your class in conjunction with LIBR 318. Contact Sue Chen.

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