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Parking Solved!  Teleport to the Library ... Databases

By this time of the semester both you and your students may be tearing your hair out over parking.  Teleportation would be just the ticket, if only scientists could solve those pesky quantum physics problems (like how not to destroy yourself in the process).  But wait!  Your dedicated team of librarians has a mechanism to beam you up.  It's not quite rocket science, but it can blast you out of the parking lot...  

The apparatus is the SCC library's online database collection, thirty web-based subscription indexes to periodicals and reference books.  These databases link you and your students to the full-text of thousands of articles and chapters in magazines, journals, newspapers, and books on virtually every topic in publication (including an Encyclopaedia Britannica article on quantum physics).   

Picture of rocket taking off
The SCC databases are available to you and your students from any Internet-connected computer 24 hours a day - no driving and parking required - by using an Access Card (or staff library card) and a library PIN.  Students have automatic PINs, generated when they bring their Access Card to the first or second floor library circulation desk and have it activated as a library card.  Faculty and staff can create a PIN in LOIS
Stay home!  You can still visit the library and look it up.

Realizing that we all have to come to campus eventually, the SCC Public Information Office provides these parking alternatives for Fall 2005:

Staff parking alternatives Picture of woman driving a car
Student parking alternatives
General parking and transportation information

Distance Education eliminates parking problems and brings instruction home.  Contact Kathy Camarena, the SCC Distance Education Coordinator (650-2726, to find out how you can become a virtual instructor.


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