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Reserve Materials - E and P (Electronic and Print)

eReserves is an electronic course reserve collection, the online version of the library's traditional print reserve collection. 

Your students can use an Access Card and library PIN to access course materials on eReserve through LOIS, including:

Here's an eReserve entry in LOIS.  Click the title to see how it works:

Materials for this course
Title Author Call # Format
 CHEM 425/ORGANIC CHEMISTRY WITH A BIOLOGICAL EMPHASIS  (no author)  SCC-Circ Desk-2 Hour -- PAM 867 -- AVAILABLE  *Click on Title for Electronic Copy*

eReserves continues to grow.  In 2005, the library provided electronic access to materials for 16 classes in 9 departments.  eReserve materials were accessed 4,753 times over the course of the year!

Find more information about eReserves on the SCC library home page. 

Students Need Textbooks

Your students need access to required textbooks to succeed in school.  The SCC library reserve collection loans students a copy of their textbook for a short-term (nearly 4,000 times in the first 2 weeks of Spring 2006!)  The library materials budget is increasingly used to purchase textbooks rather than needed general circulating materials and reference books.  Can you send a copy of your current textbook to the library reserve desk?  Search your shelves, confer with your colleagues, or ask your textbook rep. and bring your current textbook to the library reserve desk.  Email Yolanda Escobar with questions about print reserves.

Thank you! 

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