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No trucks pulled up to the library door and no boxes were unpacked, but the SCC library staff has recently added almost 7500 books to the collection.  Electronic books – you might as well love ‘em because they’re here to stay!  Encourage your students to use ebooks, and do accept them as the valid research sources they are.

Twelve reasons to love eBooks:

  1. Ebooks provide content on topics that the library would not be able to cover in print.
  2. We can buy more ebook titles than we could in print because we buy ebooks in discounted bundles.
  3. Some ebooks are out of print and only available electronically.
  4. Ebooks are available to all registered library users through any web connection 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  5. Distance education students can use ebooks without coming to the library.
  6. You can assign a class to use an ebook without placing a hard copy of the book on reserve.
  7. You can search the entire content of an ebook for a word or a phrase.
  8. You can type and save marginal notes in an ebook notepad.
  9. You can print out pages from ebooks and read them in hard copy.
  10. Ebooks are stable; they are photo images of the hardcopy originals and cannot be altered.
  11. Ebooks cannot be lost or stolen.
  12. You will never pay an overdue fine on an ebook.

The library has actually listed about a thousand ebooks in LOIS, the book catalog, for about a year through the History eBooks Project, so you may have already used one.  Finding ebooks in LOIS is simple:

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