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More Tutoring News: Writing Center Opens in the LRC 

Do your students need help writing the papers you assign?  Writing help for all subjects is now available in the new SCC Writing Center.

Writing Center Location:  LRC 144, 558-2258

Hours:  Monday - Thursday, 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.  Friday - Saturday, 10:00 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Staff and tutors:
Faculty coordinators; instructional assistants; trained peer writing tutors with additional ongoing training. (You can recommend former students to be tutors if the student completed the course with an A or B, has completed a college level writing course and a critical thinking course, and is an excellent writer. 

Students who request writing tutoring should be able to:

  • State specifically what they are requesting help for.

  • Bring an outline or draft, preferably word-processed.

  • Bring materials upon which the assignment is based.  Example:  The instructor's directions and related reading/research materials.

  • Be ready to discuss their ideas.

  • Be ready to take notes during the tutoring session.

  • Be prepared to work with a tutor for at least two sessions on a writing assignment.

student tutoring group

Writing tutors:

  • guide, assist, coach and prompt the tutee’s learning about writing and the writing process

  • support classroom learning and the instructor’s requirements

  • do not proofread (mark corrections) or edit (revise).  They do provide comments on how to make improvements, and provide handouts of tips and strategies for the students to use after the session

  • do not read background materials; tutees must do their own background reading and research

  • will not complete the assignment for the tutees

You can specify the type of help you want your students to receive.  Pick up a Writing Center Faculty Request form in the Writing Center and list your specifications.


We enthusiastically look forward to working with your students to help them become better writers.  Please contact Kakwasi Somadhi (650-2183) or Ginnie Gessford (558-2600) if you have any questions.

And check out the free tutoring for all SCC students at the Learning Skills and Tutoring Center.

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