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Fall 2007  Page 1

In This Issue:

@ Your Library...   
  New Dean Joins the Learning Resource Center page 2
  Community College Rankings ~ and Libraries ~ in the News @ Your Library page 3
  ARTstor: A Really Terrific Art Database  &  Trial Databases ~ Limited Time Only! page 4
  Books:  ebooks, pbooks, new books, free books, textbooks!  page 5
Library Research Workshops ~ Sign Up Now page 6
  Read, Rest, and Recreate with the New Popular Reading Collection page 7
One Campus, One Book page 8
New Media Selections   ~  Media House Cleaning Sale!  page 9-10
  Info. Info. Everywhere, and Not a Drop to Drink (Information Competency) page 11
@ Your Tutoring Center...   
  Refer Your Students ~ Free SCC Tutoring Service page 12
More Tutoring News:  Writing Center Opens in the LRC (Get Writing Help Online, Too) page 13
@ Your Distance Education Department...  
  Online Learning Management System Review  () page 14
  You Can Take It With You ~ Podcasts Make ITV Content Portable page 15
@nd More...  
Go Figure, and other LRC Stats of Interest page 16
LRC Hours, Numbers, and Web Page Links page 17

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October 12, 2007
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