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You Can Take It With You ~ Podcasts Make ITV Content Portable 

SCC Podcasts

Students taking distance education courses through LIVE television (ITV) now have a convenient way to review course content.  All Sacramento City College ITV courses are now available through an audio podcast archive.  This means ITV students can now listen to the audio content of ITV classes through any computer with an internet connection and sound card. 
Even better, by using an RSS subscription, students can automatically download podcast archives to their iPod or other mp3 audio player.  The content is published to the  Distance Education site ( immediately following the LIVE television broadcast.   
The new podcast feature is the latest effort to enhance student access to rich educational content through distance education technologies.  It follows the addition of a streaming video archive, which was added for students in the Spring 2007 semester.  Using an internet connection, ITV students can view archived video broadcasts using their computerís media player and streaming video (.wmv format) through the Distance Education site.

ipod Take a podtour of the Learning Resource Center, or download a story about Internet search engines from NPR from the new LRC Podcast site.  With assistance from Jory Hadsell, SCC Distance Education Coordinator, the LRC now has its own podcast site.  LRC staff have recorded a walking tour of the building.  We will continue to create or link to podcasts of interest from library land so check back.

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