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Read, Rest, and Recreate with the New Popular Reading Collection

You asked for a browsing collection of books for personal and recreational reading.  You got it.

The library is leasing a small collection of current fiction and non-fiction titles for your reading pleasure.  Find the Popular Reading Collection on the 2nd floor of the library at the end of the reference bookshelves.  New books will be added to the collection every 1-2 months, while old books will be returned. 

 A few currently available titles: tsunami wave
Dark Tort by Diana Mott Davidson
A Death in Belmont by Sebastian Junger
Wave of Destruction: The Stories of Four Families and History’s Deadliest Tsunami by Erich Krauss
Chasing Lance : the 2005 Tour de France and Lance Armstrong’s Ride of a Lifetime by Martin Dugard
Between You and Me: A Memoir by Mike Wallace
The Motley Fool’s Money After 40: Building Wealth for a Better Life by David Gardner

Stop by and see if a book strikes your interest.  Ask for directions ~ librarians love to help people find something to read.  And check back throughout the semester for newly added titles

The library also keeps four racks of paperbacks and audiobooks on CD and tape.  Find them in round spinner racks at the top of the stairs.  (We'd love to add your donated audiobooks to the collection.  Bring them over when you're ready to give them up.) 

Happy reading!

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