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Go Figure, and Other LRC Stats of Interest

Thanks for clicking!  We knew you'd be interested. 

# From July 2006 through June 2007 the SCC community (you) used library books 101,499 times.  That's more books than we own, so thanks for the repeat traffic.
# Reserve textbooks (yours) were used 24,065 times in Spring semester 2006 and 51,390 times from July 2006 through June 2007.  That's 51,390 of your homework assignments in the bag.  (The library has spent over $20,000 on reserve textbooks so far this semester.)
# You and your students viewed and borrowed videos and DVDs 9,247 times during the last school year. 
# Library staff have added 68 new instructional DVDs to the media collection since classes began this semester, many per your requests.  calculator
# LRC Staff have issued 3003 Student Access Cards since the first day of Fall semester.
# 36 library databases provide access to thousands of magazines, journals, and newspapers and millions of full-text articles.  (We got tired of counting after two million...)

1,921 students attended a library orientation in Spring 2007.

# Librarians taught 67 customized library instruction sessions (the kind you attend with your students) in Fall 2006.
# Librarians tackled 42,071 reference questions in FY 2006-2007.
# 3740 new books hit the library shelves in the last 12 months.  Thanks for your suggestions!
# Ebook holdings now exceed 10,000.

The library has five group study rooms on the second floor where student groups can confer and work out their answers on whiteboards.


Six electronically adjustable study and computer tables have been installed in the LRC for the use of students with disabilities.

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