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Refer Your Students ~ Free SCC Tutoring Service, SCC Writing Lab & Online Writing Lab (OWL)

All SCC students are eligible for free tutoring to assist them with their coursework, and we have several tutoring and Academic Computing facilities on campus.  A faculty referral is part of the documentation required by Title 5 so that the college can be reimbursed for the tutoring services.  One way that students obtain your referral is by asking you to sign the tutoring application.  Another convenient way to make the referral is via the intranet.  Here's how:

If you have any questions about making referrals, please contact Ginnie Gessford, Coordinator Learning Skills and Tutoring Program, 558-2600.

students studying student studying

students finished studying

More Tutoring News - SCC Writing Lab (in LRC) and Online Writing Lab (OWL) Debut

The SCC Writing Lab debuts this semester in the first floor of the Learning Resource Center (LR 144).  Students can get hands-on help with their writing difficulties.  Read more here ...

And if that weren't enough, SCC also has a new Online Writing Lab (OWL) set up by SCC English instructor Tom Miner with assistance from Melissa Green, Jory Hadsell, and Alex Adan.  The Online Writing Lab aims to empower students, faculty, and staff to become better writers, critical thinkers, and communicators.  Send your students to OWL to find answers to writing and grammar questions, get feedback on writing for class assignments or for the workplace, and consult Internet resources for help with writing and conducting research.  The OWL will continue to add resources for writers and collaborate with departments across campus.  Send your suggestions to Tom Miner (558-2127).

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