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LRC Hours, Numbers, and Web Page Links
...and answers to the Quiz

LRC Hours, Fall 2006

Monday Thursday 7:30 a.m. 9:30 p.m.

Student reading on steps

Friday 7:30 a.m. 5:00 p.m.
Saturday 8:30 a.m. 3:00 p.m.
Closed Sundays and Sept. 5, Nov. 10, Nov. 27-30.

LRC Phone Numbers

Circulation/Reserve Desk 558-2301 Distance Education 558-2146
Reference Desk 558-2461 Special Collections 558-2532
Instructional Media Center 558-2671 Media Production 558-2215
Tutoring Center 558-2258 LRC Division Office 558-2253
Instructional Development 558-2636    
SCC Faculty & Staff Directory

LRC Web Page Links

Information Competency
Instructional Media & Computing
Learning Skills & Tutoring
Library & Information Technology Program
Distance Education
Instructional Development

Contributors to this Issue

Lorilie Roundtree Access Services 558-2678
Stephanie McDonald Library Instruction 558-2014
Nicole Woolley Instructional Media 558-2509
Ginnie Gessford Learning Skills and Tutoring 650-2760
Kakwasi Somadhi Learning Skills and Tutoring 558-2183
Cathy Chenu Campbell Technical Services 558-2291
Reader editor, Mary Ann Robinson Collection Development 558-2377

Answers to the Little Library Quiz (see page 2):

  1. A library PIN is separate from other PINs and passwords used at SCC.  For students the library PIN looks like this:  YYYYMMDD (birthdate).  For faculty and staff the library PIN is anything you want it to be (5-30 characters).
  2. Students get a library PIN when they activate their Students Access Card as a library card on the first or second floor of the LRC.  Staff and faculty create their own library PIN in LOIS:  (You have to activate your Employee ID card as a library card first.)
  3. A library PIN, in combination with the barcode on the Student Access Card or Employee ID card lets you:
    Push pin See what you currently have checked out and confirm the due dates.
    Push pin Renew your items, if they are eligible for renewal, so you won't have to pay a fine.
    Push pin Place holds on items that are checked out and find out if any of your items have been put on hold.                           
    Push pin Request to have a book from another Los Rios campus sent to SCC.
    Push pin See what fines you owe.
    Push pin Login to the subscription research databases from off-campus.
  4. If you forget your library PIN or it won't work, call or go to the library circulation desk (916-558-2301) and ask to have your PIN reset.

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