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iMail icon Sacramento City College Free Student Email

Encourage Students to activate iMail NOW!

      What is iMail?

iMail is the new Los Rios student email system -- free and accessible from any computer with a connection to the Internet.

      Why do I need it?

All SCC instructors are able to send email to your iMail account AND campus announcements will be posted on iMail. Without activating your iMail account, you may miss important information about class and campus!

     How do I get an iMail account?

Its easy! From your eServices account, choose option 20 (Request an Email Account). Or, go directly to the iMail homepage at 

      What can I do with my new account?

      Receive email from your instructors.

      Read important campus announcements.

      Check your grades for classes where the instructor is using the iGrades reporting feature.

      Locate email addresses for your instructors.

      Easily access eServices and eLearning (Blackboard).

      Can I forward iMail messages to my personal email instead?

Yes! You may set up your account to automatically forward messages to an account of your choice.

      What about Go!Mail?

It will still function for now. We will let Go!Mail account users know when the system will be disabled. We encourage you to activate your iMail account as soon as possible and set Go!Mail to forward all messages to iMail (you may do this through Options and Settings in your Go!Mail account). You will have to recreate your address book and contacts in iMail.

For more help, contact the Los Rios Help Desk at (916) 568-3012 or ask for assistance in the Learning Resources Computer Labs located in LRC 144 and B 153.

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