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JSTOR vs. J-Kwon (A Database Tale)

The library continues to seek excellent full-text resources to meet the research needs of your students (and you!).  We've recently added two JSTOR Arts and Sciences collections to our database offerings to bring you full-text articles from core journals in the Humanities, Social Sciences, and Sciences.  Encourage your students to explore this new journal resource (in addition to the thousands of magazines, journals, and newspaper articles and electronic books in our existing databases.)

JSTOR is a highly regarded journal archive, holding complete digitized runs of scholarly journals, starting with the first issues.  To access JSTOR, go to the SCC Library home page, Click Library Databases page, then click JSTOR.  On campus, you'll enter the JSTOR database immediately.  Off-campus, you'll need a Student Access Card or Employee ID card and a library PIN; stop by the library circulation desk to get one. 

Do warn your students, though, that JSTOR, the highly respected database of scholarly journal articles, is not to be confused with J-Kwon, the moderately respected rapper.  

In an attempt to minimize the inevitable confusion between JSTOR and J-Kwon, weve prepared this handy quick reference chart for you and your students:

JSTOR vs. J-Kwon

JSTOR icon


  • Librarians can help you and your students navigate JSTOR
  • Full-text articles in JSTOR are available only to students, faculty, and staff of participating institutions
  • JSTOR is a "scholarly tool of enormous potential."
  • Issues of journals in JSTOR are never "out;" they are always available.
  • Unfortunately, if you have any difficulties with J-Kwon, you are on your own.
  • Full text J-Kwon lyrics are available to anyone with an Internet connection.
  • It remains to be seen what potential this young mc may possess.
  • Our fruitless attempts to contact J-Kwon suggest that he is frequently out and rarely available.

JSTOR vs. J-Kwon investigation by David McCusker, American River College Library

If youre new to the library databases and would like to learn more, please contact your librarian.  Wed be happy to walk you through their use or schedule an instruction session for your students.  

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