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eBooks on the Cybershelves

The Los Rios libraries now own nearly 9,000 electronic books.  All of these books are listed in LOIS, the library catalog.  Now, when you do a keyword, author, or title search in LOIS, you'll find ebook titles in your list, as well as conventional print titles (p-books?)  The ebook titles show the note “electronic resource” and an ebook icon.  To read an ebook, simply click on “View E-Book” inside the LOIS record.  If you are on campus, the book will open.  If you are off-campus, type in your library card number and a library PIN to open the book.  (Library users receive a default library PIN when they activate or use their student access card or employee ID card as a library card.)

Try these:

Kenez, Peter.  A history of the Soviet Union from the beginning to the end.  2006.

Psychology of terrorism.  Edited by Bruce Bongar et al.  2007.
Gordon, Stewart.  Mastering the art of performance: a primer for musicians.  2006.
Mason, Robin and Frank Rennie.  Elearning: the key concepts.  2006
Online assessment, measurement, and evaluation: emerging practices.  Edited by David D. Williams, Mary
Hricko, and Scott L. Howell.  2006.
Bluman, Allan G.  Business math demystified.  2006.
West, Michael Rudolph.  The education of Booker T. Washington: American democracy and the idea of race relations.  2006.

Ebooks have several advantages:

☼  Libraries buy ebooks in discounted bundles, so you’ll find content that the library could not afford in print.
☼  You can assign an ebook for class use without placing a hard copy of the book on reserve.
☼  Ebooks are available to all registered library users through a web connection 24 hours a day (one user at a time).
☼  Distance education students can use ebooks without coming to the library.

☼  Your students can’t lose ebooks and they won’t pay overdue fines on them.


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