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Library and LRC Test a New Computer Sign In Process

The SCC library is testing a new computer sign-in process using PCTrak software on the second floor of the Learning Resource Center.  Students log into the computer stations with their Student ID numbers and then select the course or purpose of their computer session.  Each student is allowed three 50-minute computer sessions every day.  This new application is intended to help a large number of students get equal access to a limited number of computers.  PCTrak software is now installed on about 1/3 of the library computers; full implementation is set for later in spring semester.

Computer Sign In Process for LR144 and B153

Computer sign in procedures are somewhat different in the two other computer labs in the Learning Resource Center, LR144 (first floor of the LRC) and B153 (Business Building, first floor).

The first time students use a computer in these two areas they will fill out a form to register for HS 1000 (a no-fee, zero-unit class).  About one week later, students will be able to sign in for a computer at the service desk using their Student ID number.  Once the student signs in, they will select the course or purpose of their computer session, as in the library.  Students must be working on class-related material to use the LR-144 and B-153 labs.

Avoid the Wait - Internet Express Stations in the LRC

For quick lookups, students will find Internet Express Stations in these LRC locations.  There's no need to log in with a student ID for these quick stops.

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