on line security for patrons. Do you have blockers to keep personal information from being obtained

Hi I was wondering if you a have a system in place that secures private information (like payment for overdue material ) that would keep personal info. such as. credit card numbers or personal billing addresses secure so that others cannot view them?
asked Nov 4 by guest

1 Answer

Great question! Our credit card payments for library fines are actually handled by PayPal--the Library never sees patrons' credit card or billing information. PayPal does a lot of business and has industry-standard data security policies, which of course doesn't mean they can never be hacked, but the situation is similar to when you provide your credit card information to other major web vendors.

The Library is also concerned about keeping your activities private, so for instance we don't retain an extensive history of your checkouts. This policy became fairly common after the Patriot Act was passed in the wake of 9/11 and libraries became concerned that the federal government might demand access to their patrons' past activities.

answered Nov 21 by JeffK