Do the scanners have a feeder?

I need to scan a 700 page document.
asked Sep 27 by guest

1 Answer

The scanners on the 2nd floor of the SCC Library do not have feeders. Scans must be made one at a time.

In order to use the scanner a USB flashdrive is required. 

If scanning is needed for accommodation of a disability, please contact the Alternate Media Specialist at Disability Services and Programs for Students (DSPS).

Note: Many of the materials held in the Library are protected by copyright. When making copies, you must observe copyright law as defined by Title 17, U.S. Code. The Library does not supervise the use of photocopiers and scanners on its premises (see our "Computers, Printing, Scanning, Wi-fi" page for more information).



answered Nov 27 by Antonio Lopez