Is there a limit to the number of videos that a student can watch on Kanopy?

I have been watching videos on Kanopy through the Los Rios Libraries website and I have just received a message that said, "Access is currently limited, as per your library's request."  I just would like to know why.  Is there a monthly limit or a semester limit per student, or, is there some other reason entirely?
asked Mar 9, 2018 by Paul

1 Answer

The reason is a bit complicated and more than most students probably want to know, but I'm happy to explain. Kanopy is not a subscription database. Rather, as Los Rios users watch Kanopy films, our libraries automatically purchase individual licenses to the films. This means we need to budget how much the libraries should spend on the films, and it so happens that we've now reached our yearly spending limit. So at this point, you can continue to browse films in Kanopy, but you can only watch those that have been purchased.

Ideally our users would not be using this resource just for personal interest, though we also realize that's not something we can really control. But I will recommend that you also explore options available for streaming video from public libraries. Unfortunately Sacramento Public Library doesn't have much in the way of streaming video, but if you happen to visit public libraries in e.g. San Francisco or Berkeley, you can obtain a library card that will provide access to Kanopy, usually a limited number of films per month.

answered Mar 10, 2018 by JeffK
That is a helpful answer, but God forbid students might watch something due to having a personal interest! Cause we all know personal interests and education are  never to be one in the same.
I completely agree that the line between personal interest and education is fluid and I didn't mean to imply that watching films or reading books for personal interest is always trivial. Many of the films available on Kanopy are highly interesting and if students are watching them out of interest rather than at the request of instructors, that's great.

The issue is that the Library is allocated limited funding, and the primary purpose of the funds is to support students in completing their coursework. Kanopy is a very expensive resource to provide ongoing, so the more that its use fits within our primary mission, the better. Hope that helps.

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