how do I access LexisNexis legal research

asked Feb 7, 2013 by guest

1 Answer

The Library no longer provides LexisNexis/Nexis Uni. Here is how you can access the kinds of resources LexisNexis provided:

  • State and Federal Cases. You may find state and federal court decisions using Google Scholar.
  1. Visit Google Scholar.
  2. Select the Case law radio button underneath the search box.
  • Law Reviews. OneSearch contains a large number of legal journal articles from various sources. Try adding the phrase "law review" to your search.
  • Newspapers and other news sources. The Library has added two databases, US Major Dailies and Access World News, to replace the news sources in Nexis Uni. In addition, OneSearch features a News source type limiter that can be used to search for news content.
  • Business Profiles. Business Source Complete contains profiles of businesses similar to those found in Nexis Uni.
answered Jul 15 by JeffK

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