Can we donate our textbooks/books to the library?

asked Aug 29, 2012 by guest

1 Answer

Thanks for thinking of the library!  Yes, you can donate books.  The best donations are books that students need for current coursework, such as current textbooks, as well as other non-textbooks (general works) that support topics taught at SCC.  The library will also take textbooks that are one edition older than the current textbook.  Donations are accepted with the understanding that they may be put in the booksale or donated to another cause if they aren't needed at SCC (subject librarians make the decision about whether or not to keep a book).  Please limit donations to one or two boxes or bags at a time since library storage space and processing time are limited.  Bring your books to the 3rd floor of the library and put them on the "Gift Book Bookcase" at the back of the room.  Fill out a donor form and put in in a book or under the door of LR310.  If you have questions, contact Mary Ann Robinson.  Thank you!

answered Aug 29, 2012 by robinsm