Is it ok to use Google Scholar for my research?

asked Apr 16, 2012 by guest

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Yes, Google Scholar can be a great tool for finding useful articles for your papers and presentations. To get the full benefit, access Google Scholar via the Research Databases page—this way your search results will include articles from some of the library subscription databases.

It has some pluses and minuses. On the plus side, you don't have to think as hard about your search terms—Google will give you plenty of results no matter what you type. On the negative side, it's harder to focus a search to particular types of documents; you'll get a mix of scholarly journals, books, and research papers from think tanks.

Note that you can't limit Google Scholar results to only articles you can get full-text for, as you can in most of the databases. If full-text is available (via the databases or free online), you'll see a link to the right. If there's no link to the right, you most likely won't find the full text (though you should search for the journal in the A-to-Z list before giving up).

Google Scholar results page

answered Apr 17, 2012 by JeffK
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