Do we (or will we) have access to OverDrive for e-books and audio books?

asked May 27, 2012 by guest
retagged May 30, 2012 by Jeff

1 Answer

Overdrive markets their service primarily to public libraries, since that's the kind of content they have. We don't purchase or subscribe to a lot of general-interest material—we collect material that is appropriate for class assignments. So, we haven't looked seriously at dealing with Overdrive yet.

I'd recommend going with Sac Public and Yolo County Library for Overdive (although since you're asking, you're probably already doing this!). In fact, if you happen to find yourself elsewhere in California, you might drop by a library to get a card, since most CA library systems will allow you to get a card so long as you can show California residency (I currently hold Marin and LAPL cards). That would expand your options a bit.

answered May 30, 2012 by JeffK