Course Policies


Professor Norman Walker

Dept of Mathematics, Sacramento City College



Contact Me:  In person during my scheduled drop-in office hours (167 Rodda South), by email to , or by phone at (916) 558-2654. 


Course Goal: The goal of this class is to obtain a strong foundation in mathematics with an in-depth understanding of the principles on which it is based. Fields of mathematics covered may include number systems, algebra, geometry, calculus, and logic. In addition to doing computations and solving problems, you will be expected to write in complete sentences, explain mathematical concepts using pictures, words, and tables, and understand the meaning of key results.  This course is intended not only to prepare you for subsequent mathematics and science courses but to help you understand the role of mathematics as it increasingly applies to our everyday lives. To gain the most out of this (or any other course) you should actively be engaged in asking questions. Students at the college level are expected to demonstrate both concrete  and abstract understanding of concepts, but also to interpret, synthesize, and expand on these concepts.


Course Prerequisites: To maintain enrollment beyond the second course meeting, you must provide evidence of meeting the course prerequisite.  This means at least one of the following:


(1) Having passed (with a C or better) the prerequisite course within the Los Rios (SCC, ARC, CRC, or FLC).  You should not need to provide me anything in this case, but check with me if you are unsure.


(2) Having passed (with a C or better) an equivalent course at an accredited college.  You will need to provide the instructor with transcripts for verification.  Unofficial transcripts are acceptable.


(3) Placing into the course by assessment (I will accept placement exams taken at any college in the district)  Please provide me with a copy of your placement exam results for verification. Assessment scores are valid for two years from the time you take the placement exam.


(4) Successfully challenging the prerequisite through the challenge process .  You will need to provide the instructor with a copy of an approved prerequisite challenge for verification.  Prerequisite challenges must be filed before the second class meeting.  Forms can be obtained and should submitted to the Mathematics, Statistics, and Engineering (MSE) Division Office located on the 2nd floor of the South Gym.


Note that having previously enrolled, and either failing or withdrawing from a course, does not qualify as evidence of meeting the prerequisite for that course. Please check with me if you are unsure about having met the course prerequisite.


Class Attendance: Regular attendance in lecture is strongly advised. You will be responsible for all material presented in class, regardless of whether or not you were present. Please arrive to class on time.  I have no objection to your quietly eating during class. Please do not smoke, read the paper, or converse; it's rude to me and to your classmates. Turn off all pagers and cell phones before class begins.  A portion of some class time may be devoted to group and/or individual work. You may work individually or in groups to solve problems similar to homework as well as potential exam problems. It is to your benefit to take an active part in class discussions. You are responsible assigned and presented material, regardless of whether or not you were present.


Student Support: SCC provides a host of services available to students ranging from tutoring to services for students who are physically or learning disabled.  All students enrolled in my courses have been referred to the Sac City Math Lab.  To take advantage of this service you just need to go to the Math Lab (Rodda South 162) and enroll.  The lab is a free service available to all students and is open most days of the week.  Contact me for more information on campus student services. 


Assigned Homework: First and foremost this is a college level class!  This means that doing homework DOES NOT mean copying a list of the answers to the assigned exercises.  You must show any and all work used to arrive at the solutions. On the day of chapter exams I will collect the assigned homework from the chapters and sections covered on the exam, at the start of class.  You may pick up your graded homework at the end of class the same day. Submit your homework on 8.5 x 11 inch standard notebook paper, legibly, and in order by chapter, section, and problem number.  Staple your homework in the top left corner with your name on the top right corner of each page.   So long as it is neat and organized I don’t care if your use pencil or pen (please do not us pen colors other than black, blue, or blue-black). It is also to your benefit to do your homework neatly so that you can use it to study from.  Homework that I cannot easily read will be returned un-graded.  If possible, please do not put your homework in any kind of folder, binder, etc. and please do not use paper torn from a spiral bound notebook.  I will generally provide time at the beginning of each class meeting to answer any homework questions you may have.  Homework assignments are generally worth a total of 100 points toward your course grade.


Tests and Exams: Exams problems are taken from a combination of exercises similar or identical to those in: assigned homework, lecture, handouts, and examples from the text.   The chapter exam dates are listed on the course schedule. This schedule is tentative and subject to change. Any changes to this schedule will be announced in class. If you know that you will be absent on an exam day you may take the exam early. I do not, however, give make-up exams. If it is to your benefit, your lowest midterm score will be replaced with your grade on the final exam (as a percentage). This is intended for the times that you may need to miss class for emergencies, not for the times you “just don’t feel like coming to class”. You will receive a zero for any exams or quizzes missed beyond one. Unless otherwise specified exams are closed book and closed notes (with the exception of Statistics courses in which a standard formula sheet is provided to each student).  Unless otherwise noted, chapter exams are worth 100 pts (each) and the final exam is 150 pts. Practice exams are posted on the course website.


Use of Calculators: With the exception of Statistics, I do not generally allow calculators on exams.  All electronic devices including cell phones, pagers, media players, etc are to be put away during exams.  Any exceptions will be announced during class.  Please notify me if you have the need to use a translation device during exams.


Course Grading: Letter grades are computed at the end of the semester and are calculated by dividing a students total points obtained by the total course points, then converting to a percent.  Letter grades are calculated at the completion of the course.  The minimum course percentage required to obtain the corresponding letter grades will not be higher than:  A - 89%, B - 79%, C - 69%, D - 59%.  Anything below 58% is considered failing.  Grades of Incomplete can only be given in very special circumstances as outlined by department, campus, and district policies.  


Academic Dishonesty: GROUP EFFORT ON EXAMS IS CONSIDERED CHEATING AND WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. If you are caught cheating on an exam, you will, at minimum receive a permanent score of zero on that exam. Scores of zero that result from cheating will NOT be dropped you’re your grade! Depending on the severity, cheating may result in one or more of the following: a zero on that assignment or exam, lowering of your course grade, an F in the course, written documentation of cheating filed with the college, suspension, expulsion.


Course Enrollment: A student that have never attended a course will be dropped by the instructor. In all other cases it is the students responsibility to drop any course they no longer wish to be enrolled in. By campus policy students who miss more than about 6 lecture hours of class may be dropped by the instructor. Please make sure than you are officially enrolled in all courses you are attending.  Please submit all coursework using your name exactly as it appears on campus enrollment records.


Individual Accommodations: Please notify me individually if you require any physical, learning, or other accommodations. I will make every effort to ensure that all reasonable accommodations are taken care of.


Refer to course policies, assigned homework, and course schedule on the main course web-page for addition information course specific information.