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ESL W 50

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Interesting Readings
& Sample Writings

Interesting Readings
@ A1a Quotes about friendship
@ A1b Driving while sleepy
@ A1c New food pyramid
@ A1d What "Organic" means
@ A1e The McDonald's Bag-a-McMeal page
@ A1f Jackson Pollock Painting
Pages My Students Found

How to Write
Paragraphs & Essays

Paragraph Writing
@ B1a Paragraphs explained
@ B1b Paragraph skills quizzes
@ B1c Paragraphs explained

Topic Sentences
@ B2a Basic topic sentence explanation
@ B2b Topic sentence examples

Different Kinds of Paragraphs
@ B3a Comparison/Contrast Paragraphs
@ B3b Writing Cause-Effect Sentences
@ B3c Cause & Effect Paragraphs
@ B3d Different Types of Essays

Essay Basics
NEW! @B4a Many links about essay writing
@ B4b Basic information about the essay and its parts
@ B4c All about essays
@ B4d A sample essay
@ B4e Introductory paragraphs
@ B4f Thesis statement Quick Quiz
@ B4g Topic Sentence Transitions

Can You Summarize That?
@ B4a Summary writing: 100 words
@ B4b Summary writing: 50 words
@ B4c Summary writing: 25 words

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Grammar & Style for
W 50 Writing

Grammar and Sentence Structure
@ C1a Grammar Topics
@ C1b Putting Sentences in Order
@ C1c Many Grammar Topics!
@ C1d Self-Study Grammar Quizzes

Writing Style
@ C2a Writing for American audiences
@ C2b ESL students and American writing style
@ C2c Two sentence styles we use

Revising Your Papers by Purdue's OWL
NEW! @ C3a Where Do I Begin?
NEW! @ C3b Finding Common Errors
NEW! @ C3c Suggestions for Proofreading
NEW! @ C3d Revising for Cohesion
NEW! @ C3e Steps for Revising Your Paper

Pages My Students Found

Handouts *downloadable*
& Information

Student Information Sheet
Class Schedule Weeks 1-8
First Week Writing Sample
At Home Paragraph One
Draft Discussion Sheet (in class)
Good Paragraph Example with COLOR (PDF)
Grading Guidelines for W50 paragraph #1
Supporting a Paragraph with 1-2-3: OVERVIEW
At Home Paragraph Two
IC Writing: Supporting Examples
Revising Well - Examples with Color
Grammar Practice & Support Practice
NEW! Class Schedule Weeks 9-16
NEW! HOMEWORK Practice Introduction/Conclusion Assignment