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ESLW 310

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The Basics of Writing
& Interesting Readings

Review ALL of this if:
*this is your first college writing class
*you are repeating W 310
*you had trouble in W 50

REVIEW of Paragraph Writing
@ A1a Paragraphs explained
@ A1b Paragraph Punch step-by-step - Click "DEMO"
@ A1c Paragraph Skills quizzes
@ A1d Paragraphs explained

Different Kinds of Paragraphs
@ A2a Comparison/Contrast Paragraphs
@ A2b Cause & Effect Paragraphs
@ A2c Writing Cause/Effect Sentences
@ A2d Writing Argument Sentences

Topic Sentences Review
@ A3a Basic topic sentence explanation
@ A3b Topic sentence examples
@ A3c Writing simple paragraph transitions into your topic sentences.

Essay Writing Review
@ A4a Basic information about the 5-paragraph essay and its parts
@ A4b All about essays
@ A4c A complete short essay (SAMPLE)
@ A4d Essay Punch step-by-step - Click "DEMO"
@ A4e Types of essays (and many other good links)

Readings to get you started
@ A5a Writing: A Powerful Message from State Government
@ A5b Writing, Technology and Teens
@ A5c A good source for quotations on any subject!
@ A5d The McDonald's Bag-a-McMeal page
@ A5e Proposition 19 Marijuana Legalization (Ballotpedia)
@ A5f Medical Marijuana Pro/Con (a somewhat different issue)
@ A5g What to do when you're STUCK

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How to Write Better Essays
& Stronger Paragraphs

@ B1a The Academic Essay
@ B1b Huge Essay Info resource at Gallaudet Univ.
@ B1c Different Kinds of Essays
@ B1d Five-Paragraph Essay, more advanced explanation
@ B1e Academic Writing: very complete website
@ B1f Practice Writing HERE

Compare/Contrast Essays In Depth
@ B2a Basic C/C Essay Forms
@ B2b C/C Essay Forms
@ B2c C/C Essay Handout
@ B2d C/C Example Essay
@ B2e C/C Language Quiz (medium hard)

Cause-Effect Essays
@ B3a Basic C-E Essay Forms
@ B3b Writing C-E Essays
@ B3c 11 Short C-E Student Writing Examples
@ B3d C-E Language Quiz (medium hard)

Persuasive/Argumentative Essays
@ B4a Basic Opinion/Persuasion Essay Forms
@ B4b Writing Persuasive Essays
@ B4c 18 Short Opinion/Persuasion Student Writing Examples
@ B4d Pro/Con arguments on many topics
@ B4e Anti-smoking arguments
Argument Essay Practice (32 page handout)
@ B4f Sample W50 Opinion Essay #1 & @ Essay #2
@ B4g Sample W310/320 Persuasive Essay (short)

Thesis Statements
@ B5a Basic Explanation of a Thesis Statement
@ B5b What a Thesis Statement Is
@ B5c Quick Quiz: Thesis statements (easy)
@ B5d Thesis Statement handout

Introductions & Conclusions
@ B6a Introductory paragraphs: What NOT to do
@ B6b Model Intro and Conclusion

Can You Summarize That?
@ B7a Basics of Writing a Summary
@ B7b Practice Summary writing: 100 words
@ B7c Practice Summary writing: 50 words
@ B7d Practice Summary writing: 25 words

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Grammar & Style for
W 310 Writing

Grammar and Sentence Structure
Level 50 Easy
@ C1a Putting Sentences in Order (easy)
@ C1b Many Grammar Tests (all topics)
@ C1c Self-Study Grammar Quizzes (all topics)
Level 310/320
@ C1d Grammar Topics (G310/G320)
@ C1e Verb Tense Tutorial
@ C1f Modal Verb Tutorial
@ C1g Grammar Review
@ C1h Two sentence styles we use
@ C1i Sentence Structure for Writing

Writing Styles & Expectations in U.S. Universities
@ C2a Writing for US College Audiences
@ C2b Writing for US Business Audiences
@ C2c ESL students and American writing style
@ C2d High School Writing vs. College Writing
@ C2e US Higher Ed: A Cultural Introduction
@ C2f Writing in Specific Subjects/Careers
@ C2g Plagiarism: What it is and how to avoid it

Editing/Proofreading Skills
@ C3a Where Do I Begin?
@ C3b Finding Common Errors
@ C3c Suggestions for Proofreading
@ C3d Great handout on Editing (.doc)

Revising & Rewriting Strategies
@ C4a Revising for Cohesion
@ C4b Steps for Revising Your Paper
@ C4c Great handout on Revising (.doc)

Citations & Works Cited
@ C5a Why Do We Cite Our Sources?
@ C5b How to Use Sources (MLA)
@ C5c How Can I Put Sources Into My Writing?

MLA & APA Styles
@ C6a How to Cite Correctly: MLA Style Intro
@ C6b MLA Style (Complete Listings)
@ C6c How to Cite Correctly: APA Style Intro
@ C6d APA Style (Complete Listings)

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Handouts *downloadable*
& Information

* If needed, download Adobe PDF Reader free.

§ Student Information Sheet COMING SOON
§ Class Schedule Weeks 1-8 COMING SOON
§ Class Schedule Weeks 9-17 COMING SOON

§THE WEBSITE FOR OUR TEXTBOOK! (Vocabulary, Glossary, Web Activities)

ONLINE practice from our textbook
§ Compare-Contrast Practice 1 (Quiz)
§ Cause Effect Practice 1 (Quiz)
§ Argumentative Practice 1 (Quiz)
§ Argumentative Practice 2 (Quiz)

W 50 Review Examples
§ ESLW 50 Good Paragraph Example with COLOR
§ ESLW 50 Supporting a Paragraph with 1-2-3 Style
§ ESLW 50 Revising Well - Examples with COLOR
§ Organizing Paragraph Ideas
§ Chapter 8 Exercise Sentences
§ Paragraph/Essay Checklist PDF

W 310 Examples
§ Cause/Effect Group Paragraphs with COLOR
§ Good Theses & Topic Sentences AHE#1
§ Good Topic Sentences Analyzed
§ Good Conclusion Paragraph Analyzed
§ Writing Essays (Book Excerpt)