Try Evaluating this Mailing List

Some general questions to ask about mailing lists and their archives:

Try answering the following questions about the mailing list below:

image of the latam-info mailing list

Who is this list aimed at?

  1. Anyone
  2. Students of latin american studies, researchers and library staff
  3. Information isn't available

Is there an archive of the messages available?

Are the messages searchable?

image of the list information for latam-info mailing list

Is the list open to non members?

How many messages are posted to the list each month (on average)?

  1. 0-10
  2. 11-30
  3. 31-50
  4. 51-75
  5. over 100

Who would you contact to get more information about the list?

  1. Mailbase
  2. List owners
  3. List members

What conclusions do you draw about the quality of this site?

Am I right?

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