The Case of the Proper Process

This example concentrates on the Process criteria you might apply to a resource (in reality this would be only one part of the evaluation criteria that you would need to consider).

imnage of the Hansard home page

The Investigative Process

1) Checking the Currency of Information

The Home Page of Hansard's House of Commons Debates states that the information is updated daily at 12.30pm. This statement can be verified by checking that the previous day's debates are available.

2) Looking at the Durability of the Information

The full text of the House of Commons Debates have a long term importance. Archives of the previous sessions are stored and are available online.

3) Looking for Maintenance Clues

This is an official Government site so users have certain expectations that the information is being well maintained.

'Last updated' dates can be found at the bottom of each page: these are reassuringly recent!

Email addresses and contact details are given both for the information providers and the administrators of the site.

The Case is Solved!




This is an excellent example of a well maintained, well supported Web site (as would be expected from such an authoritative source!). However, given the importance and popularity of the site a backup service or mirror site would be expected.

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