The Case of the (Fairly) Functional Form

Metaphysics, by Aristotle

Use this resource to look at how the quality of Form might be evaluated (in reality this would be only one part of the evaluation criteria that you would need to consider).
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The Investigative Process

1) Evaluating the Organisation of the Information

This is a full text translation of Aristotle's Metaphysics. It is a fairly lengthy book of over 100 pages if printed out.

It has been divided into sections to make online browsing and reading easier and a single downloadable text file is provided for printing purposes. The size of the files in kilobytes is also provided to give some indication of how long the files will take to download.

2) Looking at the Navigation Facilities

There is a consistent navigation bar at the top of each page within Metaphysics and the site as a whole. This provides access to the main features of the service of the Internet Classics Archive where the text is stored.

The navigation facilities should ensure that a user will not get 'lost' within the site, even if they get dropped into a particular page from another site or search engine.

3) Checking out the Search Facilities

The entire 440 texts of the site can be searched by keyword. The search results return the sections of the texts in which the keyword is located.

There is no browsable index or table of contents of the texts although links to the works of some of the most notable authors are available from the Home Page.

4) Consulting the Help Pages

The site provides a comprehensive series of help pages covering general information, information about the sources, help with searching and copyright and permissions details.

5) Evaluating the Technologies used on the Site

Unfortunately this is where the site is weak. The use of JavaScript and Cookies does little to enhance the user's experience of the system but may cause problems for many browsers.

The Case is Solved!




This is generally a well laid out site where thought has been given to users' different needs. Unfortunately the use of JavaScript may restrict the usability of the site for some users.

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