System Integrity

System integrity refers to the stability and accessibility of the server hosting the resource over time. This usually refers to the work of system administrators.

Quality warning!

If a server cannot be reliably accessed, the value of a resource held on it may be reduced, regardless of the information that it contains. The technologies and systems used to improve access levels can affect the perceived quality of a resource.

Worst case scenarios:

Imagine reading a description of a site that sounds as if it will be of great value to your research, only to find that each time you try to connect to the site the service is unavailable.

Detecting System Integrity

Questions to ask:
  • is the technical performance of the resource acceptable?
  • is the system stable?
  • have adequate measures been taken to maintain the integrity of the system?
Clues to look for:
  • resource is currently accessible
  • downtimes are infrequent
  • links are stable
  • mirror sites are available
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