Site Integrity

Site integrity relates to the stability of the site over time. This usually relates to the work of the site manager or Web master.

Quality warning!

Individual sites can be moved or withdrawn at any time by those responsible for publishing information on the Internet. Addresses, file structures, formats and interfaces can be altered without warning.

Worst case scenarios:

A lecturer has written a course module for undergraduate students based around an electronic resource, only to find that it has suddenly 'disappeared'.

Detecting Site Integrity

Questions to ask:
  • is the site current and up to date?
  • is the site proven to be or expected to be durable in nature?
  • is the site adequately administered and maintained?
Clues to look for:
  • links are still active
  • last revision date of pages
  • version numbers
  • email contact address for the person responsible for maintaining the site
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