User Support

The support that is offered to users to help them answer queries and problems that arise whilst using the resource.

Quality warning!

Users may need support relating to the content of the resource or to problems of using or accessing the actual technologies. The Internet offers 24 hour access to resources and so static online support that is accessible at any time from any time zone is invaluable (although some users may prefer interactive support).

Worst case scenarios:

Finding a potentially useful resource but being unable to use it and not having access to any help files or an email address to ask for help.

Detecting User Support

Questions to ask:
  • are clear instructions given on the use of the site?
  • is online help available?
  • is online documentation provided?
  • is interactive help available (eg email contacts, telephone numbers?)
Clues to look for:
  • training materials or tutorials
  • contextual help
  • contact details
image of a helpdesk

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