Navigation Features

The ease with which users can orientate themselves within a resource and find their way around it.

Quality warning!

On the Internet all resources are generally two-dimensional and screen-shaped. There is a lack of physical clues associated with other media (such as books or newspapers). Users need to be given clues and guidance that help them to conceptualise the nature of the resource and navigate around it. Good Web design principles can help users to find and use resources sucessfully .

Worst case scenarios:

Imagine trying to print out the full text of a 300 page report that is only provided as a series of separate HTML pages.

Detecting Navigation Features

Questions to ask:
  • is the resource organised into manageable chunks of information that can be browsed easily?
  • is there a single downloadable file for documents that exist as a series of separate pages?
  • is there a search facility within the resource?
Clues to look for:
  • a contents page or index that describes what is contained within the site
  • good navigational links within the pages (eg 'back', 'forward', 'home')
  • clearly labelled links
  • images that support the navigation process
image of a rolodex

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