A complete resource will be a finished piece of work that is available online in its entirety.

Quality warning!

The WWW often offers incomplete information that has either been published before it has been finished (the term "under construction" is commonly used), or that is available only in part online and points the user to non-networked resources for the full text edition.

Worst case scenarios:

People can publish on the Internet before they have actually finished writing the text! The title of a resource may look promising but the actual content may be disappointing. Even when there is an extensive contents page or index, you may find some of the hyperlinks are greyed out (links that have not been made live) with an apology that the site is still "under construction".

Detecting Completeness

  • is the resource available in full and not "under construction"?
  • is the resource available in full text (rather than bibliographic or descriptive information only)?
  • are there any dead links or empty files?
  • is there any missing information?
  • does the information available agree with the promises made?
  • check to see if information is available in full or if abstracts, titles or "tasters" only are given
  • any scope statement for the site
  • the contents page
  • greyed out (not yet live) links
  • site maps

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