Coverage and Comprehensiveness

The depth and breadth of the information.

Quality warning!

Many Internet resources are not equivalent to the weighty tomes you would find in a library or bookshop. Broken into screen-sized chunks, they may not cover a subject in the same depth as a book. Some resources may appear or claim to be comprehensive information resources, but may disappoint in that they are not yet complete, may be full of broken links or simply lack in-depth coverage of the subject matter.

Worst case scenario:

You may find a title that is full of promise (eg "The Internet Guide to ...") only to find that the information is only relevant to a particular country or region.

Detecting Coverage and Comprehensiveness

Questions to ask:
  • does the information go into sufficient depth?
  • does the resource cover the subject matter adequately?
  • are there any obvious gaps in the information?
Clues to look for:
  • a contents page
  • an index
  • a site map
  • bibliographies and references
image of the book of knowledge

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