Weighing Up

When you are faced with an Internet resource and wish to evaluate its quality, you will need to evaluate in the light of your own particular set of information requirements. Remember our definition of a high quality Internet resource:

"A high quality Internet resource is one that satisfies the information needs of the user"

You need to evaluate the quality of a resource in the light of your own purpose and information needs

The next chapter of this tutorial lists the different criteria that can be used to evaluate an Internet resource. However, for different people, different criteria will be important - you need to weigh up the pros and cons against your needs. So before you look at the criteria remember:
  • it is unlikely that a resource will satisfy all of the quality criteria covered here. You will need to weigh up the pros and cons of a resource and reach a decision about its quality overall
  • decide which of the criteria are most important to you and give higher quality ratings to resources that match these criteria
image of scales

You are now at the end of the chapter on "Practical Steps to Evaluating an Internet Resource".

Before you look at the next section you might like to try the Refresher Quiz.

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