Orientate Yourself

compass image The World Wide Web is characterised by the hyperlinks that can take you from one resource to another with the click of a mouse button.

A link may take you seamlessly from a resource held on a local server to a resource held on a machine anywhere in the world.

Although this has great advantages, it can also mean that you lose track of where the information is located.

On the World Wide Web it can also be difficult to tell exactly where one site ends and another begins: This can leave you wondering where you are, how you got there and how you get back!

Ask yourself ~ Where am I? ~ How did I get here? ~ Am I in the middle of a site or at the front page?

Hints and Tips for Orientation Within a Resource

Look at this example of a Web page and see what clues there are about your orientation within the site.
Bized Web page image

If you want to orientate yourself within a Web site it's worth exploring:

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