The Chaos Grin

by Stephanie De Danann

As we lay in that languid moment

the sweat on our bodies

just beginning

to cool,

you grinned,

the condom just taken off

still in your hand.

You can blow up a car with a condom,

you say. Still the grin

as you talk

in that bed

with our knees pulled up.

Telling me how to fill it with Drano,

the skin of it being eaten away,

drop it in the gas tank

with just enough time to


Your grin is wide as you say this.

It is filled with bb guns and loud firecrackers,

and this,

your little bit of cruelty.

What will I do with this information,

this bit of chaos you offer

with that grin?

Will I forget it and leave it to you?

Or keep it for that moment

when anger is not enough,

but to hurt.

Perhaps I will save it

for that day when you

run away from me

and grin.

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