Virtual Business Questionnaire Information

Thank you for your interest in the research questionnaire that will be used for a virtual careers textbook that I am writing. The questionnaire is for people who own and operate their own virtual businesses.

The Virtual Careers Questionnaire has been posted online and may be entered into by clicking on this link.

Here is some additional information about the course for which this research is being conducted and the purpose of this research. The virtual office careers and technologies course that I teach (BUSTEC 350) has been offered online to local students at Sacramento City College since approximately 2006. This course is offered each fall. I have been using a book that was written by a practicing virtual assistant, which is good, but it is primarily geared solely towards virtual assistants. Having taught this course for the past several years, I have found that students have interests in a variety of virtual careers.

The purpose of the research is to gather information from virtual professionals from various career fields in order to help community college students, who are taking the course, learn how to create and successfully run their own virtual businesses. Through this textbook, students will learn about the do's and don'ts from the pros such as yourself, which will help them to determine whether a virtual business is the right kind of business for them.

The following is the catalog description of the course along with the learning outcomes and objectives of the course. This is a 54-hour courses that is offered in an eight-week format.

Course Description

This course explores entrepreneurial business opportunities in the virtual office environment. Techniques and technologies needed by virtual office workers will be examined. Each student will create a simulated home-based virtual office business, develop and write a formal business plan that includes operating expenses for at least the first year, and devise a marketing strategy for a chosen virtual enterprise. Students will prepare and present oral presentations in which they showcase their home-based virtual office ventures.

Learning Outcomes and Objectives

Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

Questionnaire participants' responses may be directly quoted, summarized, and/or grouped together with similar responses throughout the various chapters of the book. Those who are mentioned in the book by name (or company name) will be expressly thanked in the credits of the book. At the conclusion of each chapter, there will be exercises for students to complete related to the chapter.

Here is a link to the current course offering for BUSTEC 350 - Virtual Office Careers & Technologies in the fall class schedule. (You will need to scroll down to see the course.)

I hope that I answered any questions that you might have about the course or my research. Please feel free to let me know if you have any additional questions. Feel free to forward this information to any virtual entrepreneurs in any career field whom you might know. I look forward to receiving your valuable input.

Thank you.

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