HCD 201 Course's Syllabus


This class is for students who do not have current documentation of a learning (dis)ability (or who have documentation and need self-advocacy and LD management skills).


Intake Screening and an Intake Review appointment are prerequisites or co-requisites for enrolling in HCD 201. When you enroll, the Screening and Intake Review hours are added to your total classroom attendance record. At the Intake Review with a Learning (dis)Abilities Specialist, you receive the results of the screening tests, and feedback about whether this class is appropriate for you. Immediate referrals to other programs are also given, if needed.

Enrollment and Attendance Guidelines

  1. Complete the pre- (or co-) requisite.

  2. Purchase books at the College Store (see Materials List). Bring your binder to each group session and individual session. Keep your handouts in this binder, in the order indicated in the Table of Contents.

  3. Attend all Individual Class Session(s).* These sessions with your Assessment Counselor/LD Specialist are essential to the course. They are counted as a part of your class participation. These information sessions are used to determine your eligibility for LD Program services. The LD Specialist explains the results of your assessment, gives you a summary of your strengths and weaknesses, and reviews your individual learning style.

  4. Attend all Group Class Sessions.* Complete homework assignments. These assignments help you to develop self-advocacy skills by focusing on learning and teaching styles, learning (dis)abilities issues for adults, rights and responsibilities, local policies and procedures, and the use of available resources.

  5. Attend Final Appointment.* Bring:
    1. Completed Resource Binder organized by Table or Contents, and signed by an I.A.
    2. Completed I-Plan (your self-assessment/personal inventory), which you will present to and discuss with instructor.

    *Participation is mandatory to receive a grade. See or call the instructor if you have an illness or emergency and need to have a makeup scheduled. (Group sessions are videotaped for accommodation purposes.)


  1. To earn an A Grade:
  2. To earn a B Grade:
  3. To receive a C Grade:
  4. To earn a D Grade:
  5. To earn a F Grade:

                * All response papers are contained in the homework packet distributed on the                       first day of class.

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