HCD 265A
Information Sheet 1
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This class is for students who have difficulty reading and spelling. Through lecture (1 day/week) and lab sessions (3 days/week), students will learn new techniques and skills to help them inprove their reading and spelling.

Required Books and Materials

Available at the College Store. Bring to every class:
  1. 3-ring binder
  2. Notebook
  3. Small notebook (for Reference Book)
  4. Plastic zippered pocket
  5. Small pocket mirror
  6. Scissors
  7. Dictionary
  8. Workbook for Human Development 265A
  9. Prescriptive Spelling Program, Book 1: "by William Wittenberg. Publisher: Barnell Loft."
Recommended: Spellex (word finder)

Evaluation Criteria

  Percent of Grade
Participation 50%
Homework, Journal, Reference Book 25%
Quizzes, Midterm, Final 25%

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